General terms and conditions - the Fuchsbau

1. General

The hired holiday flat is property of Corinna Fuchs, 37441 Bad Sachsa (mentioned hirer).

2. Reservations

With your application, you offer the hirer to conclude a binding hiring contract concerning the appropriate holiday flat. Your application can be made verbal (personally or on the phone) but also in written form (letter, fax, email, internet). The lease agreement is only valid if the lodger got a confirmation. The hirer demand a partial payment of 25 %, in the case of non-payment within the stipulated delay, your claims of the contractual contract will expire. If you will not get our confirmation within 10 days after your application, please contact us again. Lease agreements which had been concluded by phone need also a written confirmation, (also possible by email). This is not necessary; if the period between reservation and arrival is less than 7 days and if a written confirmation will not be reasonable due to temporary reasons. In this case a contract by phone will be binding for both parties.

3. Prices

In any cases, the prices remain unchanged, if there are 4 months (at the most) between the conclusion of the hiring contract and the start of rent. If there are more than 4 months between the conclusion of the contract and the start of rent, the property owner has the right to increase the prices for max. 10 %. If the increased price will be more than 10 %, you will have the right to cancel the contract without any costs. The annulations must be made in written form within 10 days after receipt of the price change declaration. Preliminary payments will be compensated.

Prices for special activities are valid for the reservation period (reservation from/to) not for the date of the reservation.

4. Domestic animals

Domestic animals are allowed, but in any case the hirer has to know the size and the quantity of the domestic animals during the booking request. The hirer has the right to cancel his offer due to the size and the quantity of the domestic animals. In the case of non-information, it could be possible that the domestic animal will not be allowed. The leaser is responsible for damages caused by the domestic animal, it is recommended to conclude an appropriate insurance. The hirer can demand the presentation of such police. Due to the fencing of the land property, there will be certain security for the leaser and for the animals, but the leaser should not forget his compulsory control. The leaser is responsible for all damages caused by break-out of the animal. It is not allowed to leave the domestic animals without attendance in the object.

5. Payment

With receipt of the confirmation, a partial payment of the mentioned amount and in the mentioned period must be made. The rest payment must be paid as written in the booking confirmation. You will be informed concerning the bank account in the booking reservation, via email or by phone.

6. Complaints

Despite all efforts, it could be possible that there will be a reason to complain. The hirer has to be informed immediately if there is any kind to complain. If it will not be possible for us to solve the legitimate reclamation during the appropriate period, you will have the right to assert a claim due to non-fulfilment of the hiring contract. This must be made in written form. At the end of this period, claims can only be asserted if you had been prevented without actual fault to make demands. Limitation of action of all demands of non-contractual fullfilmement of the hiring contract by the hirer is 1 month. The period begins with the day of the contractual foreseen end of rental.

7. Replacement

If the leaser will be prevented to use the rehired holiday flat due to forcing reasons, he has the right to propose a replacement. Premise is, that the hirer will be informed about this replacement before the start of rental and the hirer will obtain exact details of the replacement (Name, address, number of persons). The hirer has the right to disagree, if there will be reasons due to the new leaser and/or if there are legal or governmental regulations.

8. Cancellation

At any time you will have the right to cancel the contact. In this case we will make an effort to lease ulterior the holiday flat. If this will not be possible you have to pay an adequate compensation according the following array.

8.1. Cancellation fee

From 10 weeks before start of lease 20 % of the total rent
From 8 weeks before start of lease 40 % of the total rent
From 6 weeks before start of lease 60 % of the total rent
From 4 weeks before start of lease 80 % of the total rent
From 2 weeks before start of lease 90 % of the total rent

8.2 Counter evidence

Recessions and changes declarations must be made in written form.

9. Cancelation of the tourist travel contract

If the implementation of the hiring contact will be complicated, hindered, impossible due to an act of nature beyond control, we will be indemnified of our contractual obligations. In this case, compensations or other demands will be excluded.

10. Data transfer

All personal data, which are needed in the frame of the contract, will be handled strictly confidential and will only be transmitted in the frame of the legal obligations.

11. General obligations

The leaser is obliged to respect the valid house rules of the holiday flat. The house rules are hanging out in the holiday flat or they will be transferred by adoption.
The hirer has the right to cancel immediately the rental contract in the case of disregard of the house rules. In this case the leaser has no demand of refund of the rented object, compensation or other payments.

12. Summery of the house rules

The final cleaning will be exclusively made by the hirer. At the end of rental it is demanded that the leaser will empty the dustbin and the dust will be disposed at the appropriate places. Dinnerware, cutlery, pots, cooker, fridge and bath should be left clean. The leaser has to treat the rental object in a careful way and he is obliged to inform the hirer concerning damages which are arising during the rental time.

13. Security/Caution

The hirer is obliged to demand a security of 150, 00 � from the leaser. The caution is presented in the reservation confirmation and has to be paid by bank transfer or it must be paid in specie. This amount will be paid back within 14 days on the given bank account, if there are no damages on the rental object or other claims of the hirer. In the case of such damages or existing claims, the hirer has the right to calculate a security. The payback of a security at the rental end is not an enforcement of damage claims by the hirer, if there are later damages arisen by the leaser.

Changes Mars 2012

Price breakdown of the security/caution according the objects

Block houses 1 - 3 = 100,00 €
Holiday flat 45qm = 70,00 €
Holiday flat 145qm = 150,00 €

Status 2011