Welcome in Bad Sachsa,

DeutschlandkarteMaskottchen - Bad Sachsa - Schmerlkerl

the spa with its beneficial climate in the sunny south of the Harz. A health resort in art nouveau stile architecture, a wonderful inner city with cafes, restaurants and a lot of leisure time facilities.

In order to create your holidays more interesting, Bad Sachsa and the surrounding are offering a lot of possibilities e. g. a huge water park Salztal-Paradis with sauna, an ice pavilion, bowling and skittle alley, tennis, mini golf, the Ravensberg (ski resort), the Harzfalkenhof, a glass museum, boat hire, a magic forest for the children and a lot of more.

Bad Sachsa - Nikolai-Kirche
A very special tourist feature in Bad Sachsa is the St. Nikolai-church in the centre. First it had been built romantic and gothic, after it had been rebuilded to a baroque church. The church is the centre of the city. Inside, you have to view the altar of the 16 century, as well as the recess and the font.
.Ravensberg - Alpinskiberg

The Ravensberg is the house mountain of our city; it has a height of 659 meters and is a very popular destination in the winter but also in the summer. In the year 1970 a tower of 64 m had been built, which had been used as a listening post during the Cold War.
From the Ravensberg to our health resort and surroundings, there are a lot of idyllic hiking trails. Additionally the ski centre Bad Sachsa with numerous downhills is situated here, 3 lifts and a lot of offers to toboggan and to langlauf will be offered here. The Ravensberg is the only drivable viewing mountain and alpine ski mountain in the Harz.

Steina - MischwaldSteina Kirche
District Steina

Steina is a district of Bad Sachsa and had been incorporated to Bad Sachsa in the year 1972. Here you will find our small holiday park - "Der Fuchsbau".

The village Steina is imbedded in an idyllic highland with numerous hiking ways. Here you will find the pure nature. The bat caves, the Eulenstein, the dink-water large dam, the glass museum etc invite you for active recreational activities.

Ski holidays in the Harz

Der Fuchsbau - Ski holidays in the Harz

Winter holidays directly in front of the door. Why to drive into the Alps - around Bad Sachsa you will find a lot of small skiing areas, which are not overcrowded but which are offering all you need in order to experience a fantastic winter holiday.