House rules - Der Fuchsbau

Dear guests,

welcome in our holiday object.

You will spend your holiday in a private holiday object. We took a lot of trouble with the equipment and hope that you will spend some wonderful days in our house.

The following house rules should help you during your holidays. With your arrival you will accept them.


If something is missing, please let us know.

Family Fuchs : 0049 5523 - 30 36 10 or mobile phone 0049 170 9 122 123

Please inform us immediately concerning any damages, we will try to remove them as soon as possible.

Duty of care and responsibility:

Please be careful with the complete equipment and the complete inventory. There is no person who damages purposeful the equipment, but if there are any kind of damages, please inform us as soon as possible.
The leaser is responsible for damages, dirt and annoyances of the hired rooms and objects, if these are higher than the common use in the height of the cost of replacement.

The hirer has the right to demand a caution in order for security against damages. This has to be paid locally from the leaser on the day of arrival.

The hirer has to be informed concerning damages within a delay of 24 hours; otherwise it seems that the hirer is the causer. The payback of the caution will be made within 14 days on the given bank account of the hirer.
Parents are responsible for their children.

Visitors or additional persons, which are not mentioned in the reservation, must be registered.

There is no responsibility for all articles of values of the hirer.

The use of the ways to the holiday object, the stairs and the equipment will be made on the own risk. The hirer is not responsible for accidents.

In order to avoid damages due to the wind or due to the rain, doors and windows must be closed if the leaser will leave the flat.

It is not permitted to transfer the keys to outside people. In the case of the loss of the key we are forced to install a new door closer. Here the leaser has to pay all cost.


Please consider that the dinnerware, the pots and the cutlery should be put away in a clean condition. Additionally please clean all apparatus you used (grill, oven, microwave etc). The fridge should be empty if you leave your holiday flat, also the dishwasher. Secondary cleanings must be invoiced. We ask you to depollute waste, leftover foods, sanitary products or others in the waste and not to throw it into the toilette in order to avoid blockages.


We are obliged to separate or waste and we ask you to help us.

Please separate the waste as follows:

-House waste (leftover food, coffee filters.)
-Yellow sack (all kind of plastic and tetra pack)
-Paper and board)
-Glass and tins

Please depollute the waste in the appropriate container; you will find them behind the small block house.

The TV is programmed. We ask you not to execute any changes. A briefing will be made during the handover of the holiday object.

For the smokers:

We ask you not to smoke into the house/into the holiday flat. Please smoke outside on the terrace, here you will also find ashtrays. Please use the ashtrays and do not throw the cigarettes into the garden, otherwise we have to bill the cleaning of the garden.


The furniture are only for our two-legged guests, otherwise we have to bill the cleaning.
The fencing of your garden is thought for the protection of your dog. You must not be afraid that your four-legged friend will break away. The garden is not a dog toilet. If there will happen a disaster, please remove it, otherwise we have to bill the cleaning. Â&xnbsp;


At the end of your holidays you have to hand over a clean holiday object, otherwise we have to bill the additional costs. Our cleaner begins at 10:00 clock with the cleaning of the object. Please consider this in your departure planning.
Idle periods:

In the sense of a good neighbourhood and a relaxing holiday for you and the other guests, we ask you to respect the siesta between 13:00 -15:00 h and the sleep between 22:30 - 06:30 h.


Parkings are in the near of your holiday object. Due to the parking on these places, there is no deposit contract. The hirer is not responsible for any damages or loss of the vehicles. One parking is scheduled for each parking, if you will arrive with two cars, please ask for a free parking place. If there will be no second parking place, you will have the possibility to park your car at the roadside.

Early departure:

In the case of an early departure, there is no claim of refund of the lease price. But we try to rent the holiday object ulterior and to allocate the revenues accordingly.

Severability Clause:

If one of the described conditions will be illegal, this condition will be replaced by another one with the same intention. The other rental conditions stay intact and valid.

We wish you a relaxing stay and a lot of fun. In the case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Your family Fuchs